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The ultimate guide to absolute freedom as an international expat!

From how to utilize international globalization and citizenship so you can take advantage of medical tourism and a cost of living that is four times less than the United States, to exploring the planet at your own pace, The Expat Guidebook puts you on the ground, living in the shoes that other expats have been wearing for years. Cultural and language immersion, secondary passports, job opportunities in non-English markets that are rich and prosperous and completely unaffected by the so-called global crisis, offshore banking and international investments...these are just a handful of benefits available when living the expat lifestyle as an international citizen.

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Safety and Security

Unlearn everything you’ve ever been taught about safety in other countries. The Expat Guidebook shows you how most countries around the world are as safe as (if not safer than) the United States.

Apartments and Homes

Learn how to find the best deals on completely modern, fully furnished and kitted out houses and apartments that you can rent for as little as $250 per month with all utilities and amenities included.

Food and Shopping

Discover the discounts available by shopping at local markets, such as picking up 5 kilos of produce for as little as $2.00. Learn how to eat like a king for under $100 per month simply by utilizing some basic local rules.

Lifestyle and Culture

Adopt the local lifestyle and “go native” for the absolute lowest prices on things ranging from accommodations to food and commodities. When you can speak the local language and know how to negotiate, you acquire local purchasing power.

Earning a Living

Master over a dozen different ways to make money online to pay for your life of continual travel. Learn how to set up residual, passive income streams to have a continual flow of money coming in no matter where you live or travel.

Establishing Residency

Learn how to provide proof of income and establish residency via visas and secondary passports in various countries around the world so that you can have access to universal healthcare, local tax rates and foreign bank accounts.

About the Author: Tim Anderson

T.W. Anderson has been on the road since 1999. He has traveled to dozens of countries and has been living abroad since January of 2008. He has opened businesses, established residency and lived in four different countries, and he’s been debt-free and enjoying an early retirement since he was 29 years old, all while living in exotic destinations and experiencing adventures that most people only ever read about in National Geographic or watch on The Travel Channel. He traded in a lifestyle of wage slavery and 40+ years of working in the job force for a life of absolute freedom and early retirement…and he didn’t need a million dollars to do it.

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